PH Version of Demonoid?

Update: As of July 18, 2014, is now up and running.

Surfing the net today and I noticed that the domain for the bittorrent website redirects to This is new, maybe they use some kind of geographic thingy that detects where you are based on your IP and redirects accordingly.

This is like that redirects to whenever I head over that webpage. Its like demonoid has a local (ph) version. Hehe.

They must be tracking downloads regionally or lightening the load on their main server by using those closer to who ever requests their content. Much like those used by CDNs.

Update: August 08, 2012

Up until today, and is not loading. It has been days already since the bittorrent tracker was hit by a massive denial-of-service attack.

Update: May 07, 2012

It may seem that demonoid is avoiding some issues by changing to a .ph top level domain (TLD). A website about bittorrents said that in early 2011, Demonoid changed its domain from a .com to a .me to avoid US government seizure. Then in July of 2011 it became the most popular website with a .me extension.

Maybe they are avoiding some issues by changing its domain extension again, this time from a .me to a .ph (.PH is the TLD for Philippines). But that is just speculation on my part. Curious, I did a little digging and here is what I found…

The official word about this (from an administrator from the Demonoid forums): They are running a test to see how well the redirects to one of their alternate URLs worked.

There could be other reasons other than that but until it officially comes from the admins of the website, everything else is just a thought.